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Announced – Graphic Cards that can Handle Unreal Engine 5

A few days ago, Epic Games announced a new generation of Unreal Engine 5, which was first demonstrated using Sony PS5. So what grade of graphics card do you need on your PC to run smoothly?

According to the latest information obtained by media, based on the current demo, the minimum graphics card that can get a pretty good frame rate is RTX 2070 Super, and its theoretical computing performance is 9TFlops (9 trillion floating points per second), The processor based on AMD Zen + RDNA architecture in Sony PS5 is 10.28TFlops.

Graphic Cards that can Handle Unreal Engine 5
RTX 2070 Super Image – Accoundec Graphic Cards that can Handle Unreal Engine 5

As for AMD graphics cards, there is currently no RTX 2070 Super level, even the retired Radeon VII is only the grade of GTX 1080 Ti, and the RX 5700 XT is slightly lower.

However, on the one hand, Unreal Engine 5 will not have an official version until the end of 2021. The games based on it will probably mature in 2022. Even the Unreal 5 version of “Fortress Night” has to wait until the middle of next year. The next-generation graphics card with RDNA2 architecture will be available within this year, and there will be no more problems with running.

What’s more, Unreal Engine 5 was originally optimized for the AMD RDNA2 architecture common to Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X, and the efficiency is naturally higher.

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