How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung recently launched a new midranger in the market called the M30s. It features a 6.4″ Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080 x 2340. This makes it one of the best displays in the budget price range. The phone is powered by an Exynos 9611 processor and /6GB of RAM. If this wasn’t enough, the phone has a giant 6000mAh battery which easily lasts 2 days in heavy use. Some time back, Samsung was not known for making good budget phones mostly because of the laggy and bloated Touchwiz. Well, not anymore. With the One UI 2.0, Samsung had made it budget offering much more appealing than ever before. The main USP of the phone, however, is the quad camera’s at the back. Along with the main shooter, the 2 additional cameras are the ultra-wide and a depth sensor. Overall the M30s is an awesome package with very few shortcomings. There are different ways by which you can record your screen but we will tell you the easiest and simplest way to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy M30s. You can use this to record Wikipedia or PUBG.

Screen Record on Samsung M30s

Method 1 for Screen Recording

On Samsung phones, doing a screen recording is super easy as with One UI 2.0, Samsung has added an inbuilt Video recorder. However, a user might not find it in the first try on their M30s as Samsung has hidden it inside your status bar. So How do you access it then? Follow the tutorial below 😀

Steps for Enabling Screen recording on Samsung M30s

  1. Go to your notification drawer and swipe down to show the quick settings.
  2. Press on the three dots –> Select Button Order.
  3. Find Screen Recorder and drag it to your main page. Once you have added, your quick settings should look something like this-

Now you should be able to do a screen record on your Samsung M30s.

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Method 2 – Using Custom App on your Samsung M30s

  1. Click here to download the recommended app for your Samsung M30s. This is a screen recording app which is supported by your phone.
  2. Now after installing the app, you will get a screen like this.
    screen record on Mi A2
  3. Click on the Small Circle which has appeared on your Left side of the screen. Now what you’ll get is this.
    Screen Record on Mi A2
  4. Click on the Center circle with the camera icon.
  5. Now click on Start on your phone.
  6. The video should start recording.
  7. To stop the recording, Go to your navigation bar and click on Stop.

View the Screen record

  1. Go to the gallery of your M30s.
  2. In Albums, Go to the folder named Collection.
  3. Now you can share your video from here itself.