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Change Alarm tone on Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung recently launched a new midranger in the market called the M30s. It features a 6.4″ Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080 x 2340. This makes it one of the best displays in the budget price range. The phone is powered by an Exynos 9611 processor and /6GB of RAM. If this wasn’t enough, the phone has a giant 6000mAh battery which easily lasts 2 days in heavy use. Some time back, Samsung was not known for making good budget phones mostly because of the laggy and bloated Touchwiz. Well, not anymore. With the One UI 2.0, Samsung had made its budget offering much more appealing than ever before. The main USP of the phone, however, is the quad camera’s at the back. Along with the main shooter, the 2 additional cameras are the ultra-wide and a depth sensor. Overall the M30s is an awesome package with very few shortcomings. As the tune on the Alarm clock is the first thing you hear in the morning it is absolutely necessary that it is a good one that can help you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed. So today we will show you how you can change the alarm tone on your Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Alarm in one of the most essential things in a persons’ life. The alarm gives us the ability to wake up at the time we want and defeat the bead. Nobody likes oversleeping and missing deadlines. Here is an excerpt from an article from HuffPostFor humans, it is not that difficult to override our internal clock: staying up late or having an irregular sleep/wake schedule can influence our internal clock and make it difficult to arise when we need to. Shift workers (those who work when the rest of us sleep) often alter their internal body clock, flipping and flopping their day/night schedules, and may need alarm clocks to wake them as they battle their internal biology. This shows how important an alarm clock is.

Change alarm tone on Samsung Galaxy M30s

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Steps for changing alarm ringtone on Samsung Galaxy M30s

  1. Go to the Clock app on you M30s
  2. Select or create an alarm
    Change Alarm Tone
    Change Alarm Tone
  3. Now tap on the Alarm sound –> RIngtone
  4. Here you will find a list of all the Ringtones available as well as an option to have a custom one from your phone.
  5. Select your ringtone and you should now have your own alarm ringtone on M30s.


Were you able to change the alarm tone on your Samsung Galaxy M30s? Let us know in the comment section below 😀

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