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How to Fix – OnePlus 6t not charging

OnePlus 6t was just recently launched and it has been one of the best selling premium phones till now. It has one of the best specs you can get in any phone in this mid range and with super premium feel as well. OnePlus 6t features a 6.4 inches full HD display. Powering it is a Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM. OnePlus 6t comes with Warp charging that is super quick and much faster than any other fast charging technology.

OnePlus 6t not charging

However there is this issue that a lot of OnePlus device owners are facing and that is, OnePlus 6t not charging. Yesterday my Op6t stopped charging and after researching for about 8 hours I think i know the solutions. So let us see all the methods by which you can fix OnePlus 6t charging issues.

Fix – OnePlus 6t not charging

Method 1 – Restarting |  OnePlus 6t not charging

OnePlus is a small company and the team behind Oxygen OS is even smaller. So sometimes there are situations in which a software bug is preventing your phone from charging. A simple restart of your device can often fix this problem. If your phone has been completely discharged then try the next method.

Method 2 – Changing the Cable | OP6t not charging

OnePlus 6t not charging

OnePlus is another apple in a lot of terms and After Apple, OnePlus is known for week charging cables. The USB C cable can often fry at the ends and can cause the cable to dis-function. A bad cable can also short circuit the phone’s USB C port so it is best to use the cable in its best condition and replace whenever necessary. If you OnePlus 6t is not charging, try charging it with another cable or another adapter. Most of the times its the cable that has stopped working. Here is an international link to buy Official OnePlus’s USB – C cable. Before buying, you should confirm that the issue was with your cable. If any of your friends has a phone with USB-C, then try with his/her charger, or you can simply go to mobile stores like Walmart, Target, orison, Vodafone where they may have charging stations.

Method 3 – Turning on USB Debugging | OnePlus 6t not charging

If restarting of the phone has not worked and It is not the cable then you should try the third method. This works only if your phone is turned on. Go to about phone in settings. Tab build number seven times until you see the dialog saying you are now a developer. After that go back to settings and now you will see developer options. Go to developer options and check the option saying USB Debugging. This will force the phone to accept everything from the USB port. This even though is used by app developers but can fix your issue.

Method 4 – Replacing USB C Port | OnePlus 6t not charging

OnePlus 6t not charging

If your phone is still not charging then its the port on your phone that has gone bad. If you are not comfortable opening your phone then it is best to visit the service center. You can find the nearest service center from here. If you don’t mind tinkering with your phone then here is the link for the USB port of OnePlus 6t. Buy it and replace it on your OnePlus 6t. You can consult this iFixit guide for disassembly of your phone.


  • Kiran

    For me, i restarted the device > didnt work > cleaned the ports > no go > disconnected and connected the mz laptop.started working. then switched back to charger still works.may be a software glitch…!!!!

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