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[SOLVED]Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim in America?

As you might know, AllTechTutorial has a section where people can ask us questions and we often answer them to the best of our knowledge. Today, We received this question of whether the Galaxy Note 9 purchased in America is dual sim or not. So let’s go ahead and quickly tell you if the Note 9 Dual Sim in America or not.

Note 9 Dual Sim in America
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim in America model

Samsung makes both models, One with single sim and one with hybrid sim card slot, that is either dual sim or single sim + SD card. If the phone has dual sim or not, It all depends upon the where you get your Note 9 from. Here are the places from where you will get Single Sim Samsung Galaxy Note 9 –

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Single Sim-

  • Carrier Locked phones
    Any Phone you buy from a carrier, be it T-Mobile or Verizon, It will be a single sim and you can not insert an SD card or a secondary sim card.
  • Amazon (US versions Only)
    The Note 9 you buy from Amazon, Even if it is unlocked will be single sim if not mentioned otherwise. If the title says US VERSION then it means it is a single sim model and if you are looking for a dual sim then stay out of it.
  • Offline Stores
    Offline Stores in America will also sell the Single Sim Model only. If you are looking for a dual sim model then keep reading and we will show you how you can get dual Sim Model in America.

Is Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim in America

How to get dual Sim Note 9 Dual Sim in America

To get the dual Sim model what you are looking for is the INTERNATIONAL version. This is the one with Snapdragon 845 instead of its Exynos counterpart. So where can you get such models, Well here are some of the places-

  • eBay
    You can get the international version of Note 9 from the eBay marketplace. Here is a listing of such phone with dual sim. Note 9 Dual Sim
  • Amazon
    Some sellers on Amazon have started selling the dual sim model. You would have to hunt for prime though. This is One of such listing. Note 9
  • International Stores
    Going out of states? Well go and buy one there!

We hope now you get the idea of the whole fiasco Samsung has created giving different models at different places. If you still have any doubt then let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out ASAP!

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