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Best Smartphone under 200 Pounds

Mobile phone industry is growing at a fast pace, and as flagship devices are getting costlier, the budget segment devices are getting better on the performance factor. Most of the budget devices are capable to be doing all the jobs that are thrown at it without any hiccup, and this is the major profit of owning a Budget smartphone, as they are quite cost effective and still can do all the tasks that are required in daily usage of  a smartphone. Here are a couple of smartphones which are well under 200 pounds and can lend you great performance, let’s have a look at the same and see which of these are the Best Smartphone under 200 pounds and why.

Xiaomi Mi A2 – Best Smartphone under 200

Xiaomi, Xiaomi MI A2, Android One

Android one devices are great in performance, as they run the stock Android straight from Google, hence the performance is something that is not going to take a fall. This is a fantastic budget phone, that is capable of doing most of the tasks that can be assigned to it, and can even game on Medium graphics with the top level games. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is available in 4GB and 6GB RAM options. The build quality, camera performance, and gaming performance is something that can make you fall for this device.

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Honor 9 Lite – Best Smartphone under 200

Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Honor, Honor

Another device from China that is doing quite well in most of the markets. Honor 9 Lite is the best phone under 200 pounds that is a steal deal for the amount. It is loaded with tons of performance with the help of its great Kirin chipset and 4Gigs of RAM. CThe camerais something that takes a fall and rest there is nothing that can make the phone to step aside. Even on the design side ,the phone excels over most of the phones in the same price bracket.

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Nokia 5.1 Plus – Best Smartphone under 200

Nokia 5.1, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia

This is one of the great smartphone from Nokia and combines the design and build quality of Nokia without taking a major fall on most of the other areas. Although it is true that in performance the phone is not among the best, and even in the camera performance, the front camera is totally going to take a fall over the other device. Build quality is something that will make sure about its sales. The downside of this phone is the selection of port, as it still comes with the same old Micro USB port instead of a Type – C one.

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Moto G6 Plus – Best Smartphone under 200

Motorola, Moto G6 Plus, Motorola Moto G6 Plus

A phone from Motorola that is going to take a huge fall on most of the specifications in 2018. Still there are people who prefer brands and hence if you are a Motorola lover then you are going to get a Snapdragon 430 which is far behind most of the other processors included in other smartphones. This device is again on the league of Build Quality and will be doing great in long term usage of the mobile phone. Even this device comes with a Micro USB Port and not a Type – C one.

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Honor 7X – Best Smartphone under 200

Honor 7X Another phone from Honor that is going to mark history with its performance in the phones available under 200 pounds. This device have a great performance, and have a premium feel on the phone all over. Even the camera of this device is great and does quite well. When it comes to the display of this phone it is not up to the mark when compared with the Honor 9 Lite as it is the premium successor of this particular model.

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These are some of the devices that are great and can easily do all the jobs that are thrown over them. What is your pick? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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