Medical Transcription Course in india

Medical Transcription


The process in which a medical report of a patient medical history is a proof read, transcribed, and formatted is referred to as Medical Transcription. This report is usually prepared by doctors. The reports includes all the consultation notes, operative reports, clinic notes, medical discharge summaries, and pathology and laboratory reports. Medical transcription professionals will assist doctors.

Eligibility criteria for admission into Medical Transcription courses 

To enroll in to this course as Medical Transcription, graduation is the minimum qualification and needs fluency in English and also good communication skills. The training the students is mainly to work on the diction and accent. The Medical Transcription professional is required to be abreast with the latest developments in this field and will be well acquainted with medical procedures and medical terminologies. This profession should be able to identify syntax errors and the medical anomalies in dictation.

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