Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC Insurance) is largest Insurance Company in India, that is owned by government of India. The headquartered is located in Mumbai. LIC Insurance will offer various insurance plans according to the requirements of individual and the employee groups. If you need to secure your life with good insurance plan then search for reliable Insurance Company, is to look forward by government. They will provide you fair and best deal, that is you are seeking for. There are different kinds of banks, which is offering the Insurance policies, but there is no comparison with the LIC Insurance Policies. LIC that have about 3500 servicing offices in India and also 2048 branches.

You can also enjoy the benefit of online facility that is providing LIC Insurance. You will get LIC Account Login for accessing your account online by which you can also check for your account status. LIC Child Future Plan is the best plan, that is available to you for comparing other insurance plan by other insurance company. This Child future plan is designed by considering your child future demands those are educational, marriage and for other kinds of growing children needs. It is not only covers the risk of life of child during the police term and also during the extended term. You can pay the premium either for 6 years or up to 5 years. LIC New Policy 2012 is set ready for providing you new policy with lots more benefits.

LIC Job Recruitment here for you if you seek for a job in LIC for some post for this they will ask you for many details such as your age, educational qualification, physical standards and so on. LIC is conducting an examination for the job applicant. If the person is passed in the examination then they will call up for personal interview.

LIC Customer Login will allow for their customer to pay online without any hurdles. Within a click you can also pay your premium amount. They will provide you a choice of selecting a particular police and which you want to pay the premium amount. There is a LIC Merchant Login, that will provide by the LIC with merchant login and a password. For this account business will be obtain an agreement with LIC and also avail the benefits of payments by credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks.


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