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WELCOME to IBPS recruitment 2011, IBPS conducting the common written exam (CWE) by providing the golden opportunity for the job seekers. So IBPS annouced the exam date of IBPS clerk cadre and PO’s exam for the PO’s exam middle of this month sep 2011 and for the clerk cadre exam middle of the month nov 2011. We provided some important previous question papers  for the job seekers if you have look on this it would be more usefull at the time of exam, We provided some important and usefull questions topic wise .

IBPS previous question papers free download


1.Find the average of  38,64,27,76 & 40

a) 54       b)49      c) 78       d)45

ans: b

2.Find the average of   8,16,9,24,36,7,71 &37

a)62         b)46        c)36       d)52

ans:  c

3.Find the  average of   1 ½,2 ¾, &3 2/5

a)147/30     b)119/30   c)151/60    d)51/20

ans: d

4.find the average of 2/3,2 ½.,3 & 4 ¾.

a)2 25/48      b)4  3/16    c)2  17/24     d)2  35/48

ans: d

5.Average of quantities is 22 and average of 36 quantities is 25. What is the average of all the 50 quantities?

a)28.32  b)23.16   c)24.16     d)22.08


6.The average of 42 observations  is 36 and average of 18 observations is 24. What is the a  average of all the 60 observations?

a)28.5    b)37.6  c)32.4  d)21.52

ans: c

7.Average  marks of a candidate in 6 subjects are 52.His marks  in 5 subjects  are  6o,48,36,55 and 51.Find his marks in the 6th subject.

a)12     b)48    c)62        d)data inadequate


8)The average marks of five friends in english  are  61.Four of them got 48,72,59 &38.Find the marks of the fifth friend ?

a)18   b)88  c)84       d)66


9. The average  marks obtained by Raghu in hindi & science were 30 less than his marks in hindi .he got 62 marks in science .Find his marks in hindi?

a)122   b)120     c)124      d)102


10.The average marks obtainedby Ramesh in hindi ,English&science were 15 more than his marks in English .he got a total of 102 marks in hindi &science .How many marks did he get in English?

a)26.5    b)29      c)30.5    d)28.5


11.what percent of 72 is 6?

a)8 1/3  b)3 1/3     c)6 1/3   d)9 1/3


12.What percent of 40 minutes is 24 seconds ?

a)1  b)10    c)100   d)0.1


13.what percent of 20 quintals is 100 kgs?

a)2   b)0.5     c)20     d)5


14.What percent is 45 paise of rs.90?

a)0.5      b)2    c)10      d)20

15.What percent is 40 kgs of 2 tonnes?

a)2  b)20       c)10       d)25


16.A’s salary is 50% more than B’s ,How much percent is B’s salary less thanA’s?

a)33 ¼%          b)33 1/3%       c)33 ½%     d)33%


17.If the are of a son is 25% less than the age of his father ,how much percent is the age of father more than that of his son?

a)25%     b)50%       c)33 1/3%     d)50%


18.The salary of A is 10% morethan the salary of B .By what percent  is the salary of B lessthan   that of A?

a)10%      b)1%    c)11  1/9%      d)9  1/11%


19.If A’s income is 40% less than that of B,how much percent  B’s  income is more than that of A?

A)60%    B)40%     C)66.66%     D)33.33%


20.The price of an article is increased by 20% & afterwards it is decreased by 20% find the  overll% change .

a)40%     b)no change     c)4%dec      d)4%  inc


21.Find the simple interest on Rs.7,500 in 4 years at 15% per annum?

a)Rs.2,750   b)Rs.2,500    c)Rs.4,500      d)Rs. 5,000


22.Find the s.i  on Rs.8,000 in 3 ½ years 12% per annum?

a)Rs.2,760   b)Rs3,760   c)Rs.4,250   d)Rs.3,360


23.On what sum of money will  be the S.I  be Rs.2,000 in 5 years at 8% per annum?

a)Rs.4,500    b)Rs.5,000   c)Rs.5,200    d)Rs.5,300


24. On what sum if money will the S.I be Rs.2,400 in 2 ½ year at 12%  per annum?

a)Rs.8,000    b)Rs.6,000    c)Rs.7,500       d)Rs.8,500


25.The S.I on Rs.6,000 in 3 years and 4 months is Rs.3,00 Find the  r% per annum?

a)10   b)12    c)15    d)18




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