Hi jobseekers those who are preparing for the IBPS exam. We provided usefull tips for those are preparing , Welcome to IBPS recruitment 2011, in this post we provided some important tips and tricks for the jobseekers those are looking job in the BANKING SECTOR we think definetly this post can be more usefull for those are preparing IBPS exam

IBPS 2011 Common entrance exam consists of major topics like

  1. Quantitative aptitude
  2. Reasoning
  3. English language
  4. Computer knowledge
  5. General awareness


lets have look on easy multiplication tips that 2 digit and 3 digit numbers,actually if do with the normal method it may take atleast one min to find the if you follow this trick means,then you can find the answer with in 10-20 sec why i mentioned time particularly for the bank exams you to need to maintain time then you can attempt the questions now lets have example and followed by trick


1 55  x 54 = 3020


Trick is applicable only for the multiplying first numbers should be equal, and the first number is increased with to the next number and multiplied it should placed first and remaining to numbers is placed next to the numbersyou may have many doubts that which number should multiply and which number is increased so famous poet said that one thousand words are equal to one image to get clear idea on the above trick we provided some diagram analyse the trick and follow

2 112 x 118 = 13216

3 21 x 29 = 609










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