General awareness quiz for IBPS clerk 2011 : Welcome to IBPS clerical recruitment 2012.For every competitive exams current affairs section plays key at the time of exam.For this particular section no need to spend time for this section. Just you read every day newpaper,watching TV while relaxing and more discussions with your friends and etc.This kind of simple things enough for this section.General awareness we mentioned below some important questions for practise have a look .



1) First president of BAngladesh

2)Longest River in the world

3) The longest high way in the world 

4)The longest high in the world has a length of

5)The highest mountain in the world is:

6)The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world:

7)The biggest desert in the world:

7)The biggest desert in the world:

8)The largest coffee growing country in the world:

10)Which country is also known  as country of copper:

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