General Awareness Question and answers for IBPS

1. Paleolitic remains have been discovered in

1.Kashmir       2.Uttar Pradesh           3. Karnataka    4. Tamilnadu

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below.


A )1,3 and4     b)1,2,and 3      c)2,3 and 4      d)all the above


2. Match list 1 with list 11

List 1                                       List 11

(Names of the                         (States where

Neolithic sites)                       they are located)

A. Burzahom                           1.Karnataka

B. Chirand                              2. Andhra Pradesh

c. T.Hallur                               3.Bihar

D. Utnur                                  4.Kashmir


Choose the correct answer from the codes given below


A    B    C       D

a) 4     3     2        1

b) 2     3     4        1

c) 3     4     2        1

d) 4     3     1        2

3. What is th e river par excellence of the Aryans?

a)TheNarmada           b) The ganga               c) The Yamuna            d) The Sindhu


4. Which of the following statements about the rigvedic Aryans is incorrect

a) We do not find any trace of widow remarriage in the rig vedic period

b) We have some indications of polyandry in this period

c) There are no exampes of child marriage in this period

d) The rig Vedic Aryans were predominantly an agricultural peo[le


5. Who among the followinh occupied the supreme position in the later vedic pantheon

a)Indra                        b)Prajapati       c)Agni             d) Varuna


6. Which type of pottery was most popular with the Later Vedic period

a) Black-Slipped Ware            b)Black and red ware

c) Painted grey ware               d) rd ware


7. Which of the following contains hardly  any independent matter?

a) White Yajur Veda               d) Atharva veda

c) Sama Veda                          d) Black Yajur Veda


8. How many Mahajanapadas existed in the age of the Buddha

a)16                 b)12                 c)22                 d) 36


9. What was the script which the Iranian scribes brought intoIndia

a) Brahmi                    b) Devanagiri              c)kharoshthi                d)Grantha


10. which among the following is not attributable to Alexander’s invasion ofIndia

a) Alexander’s Invasion paved the way for the expansion of the mauryan empire

innorth westIndia

b) The Maurya sculpture was influenced by greek models

c) Alexander’s Invasion opened up direct routes betweenGreeceandIndiaby land and sea

d) It led to the establishment of Greek settlements in North-wetIndia


Key:::1(b)    2(d)    3(d)    4(a)    5(b)    6(d)     7(c)    8(a)    9(c)    10(b)

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