Criminology Courses in India

Criminology Courses in India

Crime is to be deal as a phenomena to an individual or at social level in the field this study is named as Criminology. Approaching a socio-scientific point of view, Criminology involves in study different forms of crime, this reason is working behind an incidence of crime, and consequences. Regulation of crime by Governmental authorities will comes under the purview of this subject.

Being in interdisciplinary subject, it draws heavily from fields of Psychology, Sociology and Law. Raffaele Garofalo, an Italian Law Professor, the first person who coined the term “criminology”. The rising numbers of crime and diversification is nature of criminology that gains importance in today’s society.
Besides fast changing approach mode of investigation is the policing of authorities which need for better understanding of the subject, helps in opening up growth opportunities for a career in criminology.

Qualifications for Criminology Courses in India:

Both under graduations such as B.A/B.S.C and Post Graduation such as M.A/M.S.C these courses is the Criminology are offered by various institutes in India. The minimum requirement to seek admission into an undergraduate course by passing the XIIth standard either in Arts or in Science.

For admission to a postgraduate course, one need to be a graduate with science or arts subjects. 

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