Bachelor of Unani Medicine

Bachelor of Unani Medicine


The Unani system of medicine origin in Greeceand the word Unani is derived from Graeco-Arabic or Unani medicine, it is also known as ‘Unani-tibb’. The theoretical structure of Unani medicine is mainly based on the teachings of Hippocrates which has theory based on the four humors namely- Blood (Dam), Phlegm (Balgham), Yellow bile (Safra) and Black bile. Many students are interested in this career as alternative medicine which opt for a Bachelor of Unani Medicine. A degree in Unani Medicine is opened as lucrative career prospects for many. This article will give a outline regarding the Bachelor of Unani Medicine course.

Eligibility for Bachelor of Unani Medicine Course

Candidates who gets admission in Bachelor of Unani Medicine Course are required to pass their Intermediate / Senior School Certificate Examination (C.B.S.E.) / Indian School Certificate Examination (SC) or equivalent examination.

Candidates must have 50% and above marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology that are recognized by the school conducting regular classes.


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