Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhty)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is a health service that become extremely popular and sought after methods to treat especially in the western countries. In last 2 years, awareness regarding the scope and possibilities of Physiotherapy has growing steadily. Physiotherapy as a profession that has tremendous potential which considers the number of people that are turning towards this treatment. In the next few years Physiotherapy will reach great heights.

Candidates seek admission in Bachelor of Physiotherapy course has provided with a deep training in learning the core skills like manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the application of electro physical modalities. These courses will enable the students to identify problem related motion and tries to solve it with maximum potential movement in a human being. Candidates who finishes Bachelor in Physiotherapy course can work in health care profession which provides services to prevent, assess and treat the physical disorders. They work in promoting movement and health.

Job Opportunities in Physiotherapy

Candidates who complete Bachelors’ in Physiotherapy degree may use a number of opportunities which are opened in India and abroad.

A candidate who attain this Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree may set up his or her own physiotherapy clinic. Many large hospitals and medical institutions have their own physiotherapy departments. There is a good demand for clinical physiotherapists and for academic faculty in these places.

There are many job openings for Physiotherapists to rehabilitate teams which connects to various voluntary organizations inIndia and in abroad. Physiotherapists are also involved in giving fitness programs that suits people’s needs and requirements.

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