Anthropology Courses

Anthropology Courses

The term Anthropology is a combination of two Greek terms ‘anthrops’  means human and ‘logos’ means study. Thus Anthropology is the study of human beings. It will not study the evolution of human beings but also study the socio-cultural development of humans. There may be several branches of anthropology which deals in different aspects of human developments.
Physical or biological Anthropology - This is the branch which deals with biological evolution of human beings and linkage of humans with primate ancestors. Differences between races, human genetics, and adaptations to various climatic conditions will also come in this branch.

Social Anthropology - This is the branch deals with the socio cultural development of human race origin. Different methods in forming communities, difference in cultural clans, cross cultural communication and some other topics that subjects to study in this branch.

Prehistoric Anthropology - This branch is also called as archeology whicht deals with bones, relics and artifacts dug up and helps in reconstructing the chronological sequence of history that is based of these findings.

Applied Anthropology - social problems such as birth control, labor unrest, juvenile delinquency, mortality rate deals with information that is gathered from these fields. This is main job of Anthropology.

Linguistic Anthropology - The origin evolution of all written and unwritten languages and the dialects are being dealt with under this branch of anthropology.

Qualifications: Candidates has to complete 10+2 with a science background is preferred to admissions into a B.Sc course, where a bachelor’s degree is required to pursue a PG course. A M.Sc degree is required to get a job in the Indian market, while there should be a Ph.D  to work as an advisor for any international agency.

B.Sc and M.Sc courses in Anthropology will be offered by almost all the major universities in India. This includes Universities of Allahabad, Vidyasagar, Utkal, Dibrugarh, Kolkata, Delhi, Punjab and Ranchi among other places.

Benefits: To study mankind as a Anthropology is an interesting subject. It will have many opportunities for knowledge in the biological, socio-cultural, prehistoric and in other aspect of human development.

Scope in India: The job prospect of students in Anthropology is vast inIndia. This scope has been a research that  will remain open. The demand for curators by museums can also be met by students of Anthropology. Other than these jobs is to be opted for jobs with NGOs working in undeveloped areas. Anthropologists could be hired in organizations such as the UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO. Other jobs are available to students of anthropology as teachers in colleges and universities, urban planners, tour guides, culture resource managers.

Scope in Abroad: Anthropology is a subject that has far better scope in western countries. Anthropologists hired in the west is the field of medicine, law, business and other professional institutions. Anthropologists are absorbed as a community development programs or a public service programs.


MD – Doctor of Medicine is a Post Graduation Program in the medical field. The medical field has an extensive growth in many years. The medical career has been increasing by many new technologies and by innovative ideas. Today the centre of medicine is the area of specialty. Earlier is  general practitioners which is used to diagnose to treat the patients, but today specialists are undertaking the process. These results are better. So, specialization is expected by the medical candidates.

There are mainly 3 branches of medical studies in India that includes BAMS, BHMS and MBBS. Students in all the three streams are now eligible for MD. To get admission into this program will be based on the Entrance Exams conducted by colleges or universities.

Major Areas of Requirements for MD General Medicine is an area where the practitioners are at present plays role of the family doctor. This helps in diagnosing and treating various patients. However, in diagnosing more complicated diseases, the general practitioner will need the help of a specialist. Qualification to specialists are; an MBBS degree with a 3-year MD course and a General Medicine or a Post graduation diploma course in General Medicine.

Pediatrics which is a specialized course in MD which concentrates in diagnosis and to treat the kid diseases. Pediatrics is a MD  of 3-year  course after MBBS.

Cardiology is to study the pains which related to heart and circulatory system. A cardiologist is to diagnose all diseases which are related to the heart and treat them. Cardiology is a MD program of 3-year after an MBBS.

Gynecology deals with study female reproductive system. A Gynecologist diagnosis and treat the female for specific conditions in reproductive system.

Psychiatry is a study of psychological disorders. An MBBS doctor is eligible for this course. Psychiatry is a 3-year MD course


Doctors with post graduation or MD can do the PhD in any particular area of medicines

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