How to Restore Factory Settings on Android

How to Restore Factory Settings on Android

Are to vexed up with your same old Android smartphone or tablet and want to hand it over to anyone after setting it to the default settings like a new phone then follow the guidelines which is given below to restore the factory settings. Now it is mandatory to wipe out totally before handing it anyone, none the less hand it over to someone with your personal details.

It is good to get new smart and shinier android device into your home, and you have to got it after trading your previous device with your friend or with the help of eBay, Quicker, Adoos and many more. It is now necessary to omit your private data before passing it on and must ensure that your old device will behave in such a way by running as it was when you newly bought device to your home.

However, before wiping it out firstly you need to backup you personal information on to your PC by mounting on to your pen drive. It is possible to transfer more or less data on your micros-D card also. Saving your data onto your computer hard drive that all need to do to backup for Google’s backup cloud services like backupify, Google docs as well or other services available for you in free. The steps which I am going to teach you by using Android Gingerbread device.

Step 1: To start the procedure you have a need to tap on Settings from the Menu (this is the button which bring up the number on-screen).

Step 2: After tapping it onto settings within the on-screen menu, glide down to tap on Privacy.

Step 3: Now in the privacy settings menu, tap on the Factory Data Reset option and then also checkout two boxes i.e., ‘Erase internal storage (media area) and Erase SD card also (optional because I had told you earlier that you have a option to have a backup on your private data on SD card and you are not giving out to the person you are not delivering your phone). After checking out the appropriate box, confirm the action by tapping on ‘Reset Phone’.

Step 4: Isn’t good that the phone again prompted to confirm that you want the factory reset or not? Yes indeed its good because if you are in dilemma to sell your Android or not. If you have already resolute to sell it then tap on to the Erase Everything button to complete the process in a single shot.

Note that the erasing procedure will take more than 8-10 minutes or more depending on the data you had stored on your Android device.  Now your phone or tablet is same as it was when you bought it.

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