Alternative Medicine Courses in India

Alternative Medicine Courses


Healing procedure that will not fall to purview the conventional medicine which is known as alternative medicine. Alternative medicine sometimes will be based only on scientific research on traditional and cultural methods. Health practices like chiropractic, acupuncture, faith healing, osteopathy, and naturopathy are of different types to alternative medicinal practices. Alternative medicinal practices are not permitted by legal laws in a country.
There are many methods for treatment and to heal that are confined in a single country and since it is been practiced informally in homes across the country. For example, Siddha and Unani are two forms of healthcare that are practiced in India but these are unknown in many other parts of the world. Similarly, ayurvedic treatment is also very popular in India and in the subcontinent. Legalizing the forms for alternative medicinal practice and courses. In our country, all forms are alternative health treatment that is recognize by law and is taught by the institutes which spread across the country, naturopathy is the process to receive the permission to taught as one of the courses in Indian through many colleges and universities.

The qualification which requires to get admission in the institutes which impart the programs would be the alternative medicine courses to complete successfully the 10+2 board examination for a bachelor degree in the subject. Diploma courses as a alternative medicine is also available.

These courses that are taught within a two years and that can be pursued by students who need to complete successfully in the class X board examination. To seek  more knowledge and experience on an alternative medicine, a student has to pursue a post graduation degree or Ph.D degree in alternative medicine.

A research though a allopathic treatment would be the form in which health treatment is an alternative means in the fast growing popularity which rises in the number of ailing and at the time of  failure of allopathic medicines for treating a  number of diseases. The alternative medicines will not have severe side effects. There is a reason why  most young students fromIndia are opting for courses as alternative medicine in order to explore this industry inIndia.


  1. Maria :

    Faith Healers (laying on of hands) say that if what they do does not work, your faith is not strong eognuh. When Jesus and the Apostles brought back the dead, did those that were resurrected from the dead have low faith? They are conscious of nothing, they return to dust, even their soul does die.I used to be a magician for 30 years and can say that Psychic Surgery is nothing but Hocus Pocus. It is a very easy scam to pull off.

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